Nethack Tips For Beginner

The following tips are not intended as ‘ spoilers ‘ of the game, but only brief tips for a NetHack beginner player.

By now, you know almost everything you need to play NetHack decently, just missing some important little things to prevent die so quickly. The health of your character is reflected in its hit points (PG) in the status bar, if these points reach zero you are dead.


The first point to consider is the food. As in real life, if you do not eat you die of starvation, and the same is here in NetHack, with your character and your pet (about feeding your pet go to the section pets ).

When you have food in your inventory, you can eat it with the command to eat, or if there is food in your own box, this command allows you to first choose whether to consume which is in your box.

You can not just eat ordinary things: when you kill a monster many times this leaves a corpse. Although it sounds strange, it also serves food. The trick is to discover what corpses of monsters are good to eat and what is best to let bodies literally rot.


This is very important, as it will be the only ‘ spoiler ‘ I will give you on NetHack to make the game a little easier. In the circumstances as you can use it (however, it is a spoiler documented in the manual accompanying the original game, so coming from the factory is like a ‘ spoiler.

First you commented that there is a command to write on the ground, which lets you write a text with some object on the ground. You can choose any item to write or if you prefer, you can write with your finger selecting the wildcard.

Now if you are in a desperate situation, surrounded by monsters, almost dead, with few resources to defend yourself or without escape, one of the many things you can try to get out of your despair is write on the ground the word And while you do nothing to erase the writing on that box (and remain in that box too), most of the monsters will not attack you directly.

It would be like to take a break to think things and recover. Some argue that this word should not be valid for at least orcs (see the glossary to know why), but still has not done anything about it. Use it wisely … (Note: this feature might not come compiled in the game version you have, so do not always exist, and there are those who also argue that it is not as valid use, it’s your decision if you also use or not).


Sometimes, while playing NetHack, your character stumbles in one way or another with texts that seem to mean something: either reading them somewhere or whether someone tells you.

These are called ‘rumors ‘ and often serve enough to learn things from NetHack. One must be careful, there are both true and false rumors, although there are some times when you are only rumors say true. (I know this tip and the following not have much to do with survival, but found another place to put them … 😉


Pay attention … sometimes as you travel through the game levels, your character suddenly hear a particular sound, and the game will let you know.

Generally these ‘sounds’ relate to any particular fact has to do with something that is happening at that time in the level where you are, although not necessarily see it happen.

Of course, the meaning of the sound heard is not always clear, so only through experience, you can go noting that sounds mean what events. Go to section options for more information to assign real sounds in WAV format NetHack events.

The Time In NetHack

NetHack also detects the date and time you start playing (or a previously saved game to continue playing load), and this sometimes influences in many ways.

Sometimes some messages at the start of the game give you clues about this as well as some events that may happen in certain cases (sometimes very specific) and that affects them whether the date, time of day (or night) or both.


Let ‘s say that despite your efforts, you died (something not so uncommon in NetHack). Well, you still have the hope to immortalize your character if you can beat any record of a text file called ‘ Records ‘.

According to the settings that have been made the game, there is a maximum of places that are stored in the file (in my case are 100 places), also a minimum of basic score to enter (in my case 101 points) and a maximum of records for each race and role with you play using the same name of your character (in my case are 5 locations in other words can be at most five characters named Harry P.-human-magician in my file). Each line is a busy place and has information on the game version (3.4.3 in my case), the score obtained, the date on which you started the game and the date you died or ended up that game, your name, race, role, sex, alignment, punctuation, if you died or just went out you play, the cause of your death, the hit points (PG) you had to die, the maximum that could get your hit points (PG) at death the level of the game where you were when you died and the maximum level until y

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