The Advantages of Metal Mesh Flooring in Industry

Metal mesh flooring, sometimes simply referred to as “mesh flooring” is a kind of grid made up of a lattice of steel strips, used as flooring and shelving in industrial applications.

Metal mesh flooring is almost ubiquitous in industry, and for good reason: it has a number of advantages over other flooring types. These advantages include:

Superior Health and Safety

The first major advantage over other flooring is in health and safety, making it a safer, more reliable option than the competition.

The interwoven metal lattice creates a sturdy floor, providing support for staff and equipment, while the fact that the lattice has gaps in it makes it impossible for the flooring to hold liquid, which drains away faster than it can arrive even in the case of large spills or torrential rain.

As a result of this, the liquid never gets the chance to cause a slip hazard.

In addition to its strength and liquid permeability, metal mesh flooring is also much less likely to allow a slip or trip than smooth flooring would – where poured concrete is often smooth to the point of polish, the metal grid of a mesh flooring installation provide maximum grip.

If you are ordering your mesh flooring from Guardrail Engineering, you can even invest in serrated-edge steel walkway mesh for the ultimate grip!

Hardwearing Materials

Metal mesh flooring is used so often in industry for its hardiness and durability, and is suitable for use in harsh conditions.

The lattice design makes water a non-issue, protecting your steel walkway mesh against freeze-thaw damage in winter, and as it is a grid, wind can pass harmlessly through the structure, making your metal mesh flooring almost completely immune to high winds and storms.

Customisation Options

Metal mesh flooring can be manufactured to suit any installation. As many manufacturers, like those at Guardrail Engineering, make each piece to order, they can be built in bespoke fashion to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a corridor, a walkway system or a set of tough, hardy industrial shelves.

In addition, this customisation can include other non-mesh attachments, like handrails and other safety accoutrements.

At elevations, a sturdy handrail is a must for safety, and a kickplate can help prevent dropped tools from falling and causing damage or injury. Since the metal mesh flooring is being put together to suit your specifications, it is a simple matter to include the additional safety features you need!

Thanks to these additional safety features, your workplace will be a safer, more secure area, leading to more efficient work, better use of time, fewer accidents and happier workers!

As you can see, metal mesh flooring is an excellent choice for your industrial flooring needs.

With endless customisation options, the ability to install any safety features you need and an innate hardiness and resistance to the elements, your industrial flooring will be safer, more adaptable and longer lasting than ever before!

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